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attention the quality of child seats, protect the childrens' safety
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       Since the consumers do not understand and pay no attention to the child safety seat, the Guangdong Consumer Council issued consuming tips to remind the consumers that they should attention the child safety seat and protect their safety.
      According to the survey, the children who died in the car accident would be possibly alive if they use the child safety seats correctly. On how to purchase and use the child safety seats, the Guangdong Consumer Council provides the following five hints.
      Firstly, people should purchase and use the child safety seats according to different ages. Generally, the child safety seats can be divided into five groups on the basis of the child’s age and weight, they are separately 0 group, 0+ group, 1 group. 2 group, 3 group.  
      Secondly, choose the installing location correctly. Do not use the child seat in passenger seats equipped with airbags.
      Thirdly, choose the qualified materials seriously. In addition, the internal filler of the child seats is also very important.
      Fourthly, choose the child safety seat with standard ISOFIX.
      Finally, the consumers should improve rights awareness.


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